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FINAL : Generative Contours ; Group 3


Material Testing and Milling

Milling Process

Milling Diagram

Group 3 : Script progress

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Group 3 : Fabrication Test 1

Testing  4 layers of plywood, by sandwiching them together using woodglue, and pressurize the stack with a 2 threaded rods with nuts and washers on both ends.

Sanded 11 ply prototype for the leg.

Next step will involve testing a milled painted prototype.

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Group 3 Updated Sketch


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Group 3 Sketch

– Designing a re-configurable chair
– Redefining the conventional ways of sitting
– Modular system
– Aggregating modules in various dimensions
– Mechanical connections

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Sketch Idea (Group 3)

Every individual did a sketch according to our general ideas

furniture made of aggregate pieces that are all pieces to sit on