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Group 4 progress

Here are some images of our progress thus far…we’ve established scale, methods of structural realization and material selection.The first few images are of  lighting studies showing the effect of the design. The last few images show a rib structure to be milled out of plywood that supports the milled pvc panels. The lights are located in the crevice between the panels.

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Light Analysis

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Group 4: Design Thesis

Our design objective is to design a light or series of lights using parametric software, beyond patterning, in combination with the CNC milling-machine. Our intensions are to come up with a design for a light fixture that can act as a hanging pendant, mount to a wall or sit on a table. We would like to explore the connection detail as being the common element that ties this series together.

In regards to the specific design and materiality we would like our design to address economy of scale so we are proposing a design that deals with aggregation of scaled geometries in order to piece together and create the light fixture, but perhaps if configured differently it can become a piece of jewelry. The specific materiality will become more apparent as we further explore our design options.