Scripting Sign-Up Sheet Sunday 11/21

Give Group # and Location

7:00-7:15: Maysam,prow,dj 7th floor

7:15-7:30: Group 6: Ayesha, Bo, Ray Avery 504

7:30-7:45: Group 3 : Adham, Carson, Kurt, Mas, Sanny (Avery 600 South 3rd row on the left)

7:45-8:00: Group 1: Aaron, Tommy, Brian, Axelle (500 south third row on the right)

8:00-8:15: Group 4, 7th Fl, north

8:15-8:30: Group 5, Avery 600 North, 1st row near printer

8:30-8:45:group 2, 7th floor

8:45-9:00: Group 7. Steven, Dimitra, Jose, Isabelle 6th Floor South End Left

9:00-9:15: Group 10: alex, florence, brian, bernardo, 6th floor south fifth row on the left, aisle seat (alex’s desk)

9:15-9:30: Group 8 Avery 700

9:30-9:45: Group 9 Avery 500 North, 2nd to last row, West side of bldg.


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