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Parametric Cupcakes


Awesome bookshelf/library/seating

An actual product, it’s a cylindrical seat where the exterior is a gently rocking series of bookshelves. I don’t know if parametrics were used, but conceivably you could play with parametric variation of the radius, the size of the boxes and variation as they go up the unit, etc.


Runaway Script/Trig

Just playing with different trigonometric functions in the tutorial script. This is apparently what happens if you use (from left to right): exponential functions (i^3+j/2), sin/cos functions and tan functions.

Parametric Bookshelf

I had some trouble with offsetting. Turns out, when the wrong corner was used, it would only let me offset outwards and not inwards, even though everything else looked OK.

Parametric Box

Chipboard + Grasshopper (allowed me to modulate number of divisions of 6″x6″ volume) + Hand-cutting =

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Product Design Blog

Don’t know if you guys have heard of it, but YANKO DESIGN is an awesome industrial design blog that has a range of sweet products, both conceptual and real. But it’s fun because it’s mostly concepts. An example below: