Bookshelves and Cap failure

Instead of doing the extrude in rhino, I made the extrude of the offset in Grasshopper and put it on a slider to give me control over it. Two options are shown below. I then tried to do a cap of the outside shape and a cap of the inside shape (the offset) and then boolean difference those in Grasshopper. It worked correctly on only the third box. Not quite sure why… I ended up baking the extrudes (no caps) and then planar surfacing in Rhino to cap the open edges.

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One response to “Bookshelves and Cap failure

  1. Great work Ayesha! I also appreciate your material sample rendering. In terms of the capping issue, Rhino is FILLED with bugs, that is only exaggerated through grasshopper. Sometimes baking and modifying the final design is the only way to go.

    Keep up the good work!

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